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Why Choose Us?

  • Long Established centre open 30 years plus
  • Centre situated on over 2,000 square metres of land in Central Henderson
  • Large natural gardens/ play areas to stimulate children in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Natural / homely environment
  • Staff ratio’s better than Ministry of Education requirements to ensure higher level of care for your children
  • Privately owned and operated
  • Long term staff, who work together at the centre as a “team”
  • High quality resources
  • Investment in on-going professional development for all staff members
  • A real Bright Eyes “family” spirit
  • Many different ethnic groups all interact at Bright Eyes together
  • Competitively priced fees
  • A real commitment to quality early childhood education and care of our child
  • A hot lunch meal is provided to all children at the infants & toddler centre making it easier for parents and ensuring a nutritional meal is available
  • 4 Year ERO Review 


"The staff at Bright Eyes care not only for my children's well being but also take a genuine interest in their development and education."

Israela McFadyen

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Ph: (09) 836 3590
5-7 Montel Avenue
Henderson Auckland