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What Learning Opportunities do we Provide for your Child?

There is a vast array of learning opportunities here at Bright Eyes; that are focused on encouraging the children to explore, investigate, be creative, become socially active, communicate and to delve into their interests and take their leaning further.


At the preschool:- 3 year olds

  • The Kea room is our 3 year old room where the environment is set to encourage all aspects of play… We have the block area, which encourages creativity, communication, mathematic concepts – height, weight, measurement etc; where the children have ample space to create some amazing structures – quite often the blocks are brought outside onto the deck to extend on this.
  • We have our pretend play area; where the mini kitchen is available with pots, pans, cups, plates, utensils, etc and also available are the baby dolls, baby bottles, clothes, blankets, cot, high chair, and dress ups.  This area encourages communication, creativity, exploration, the opportunity for children to bring aspects of their real life into this pretend play area, making links and creating a homely environment.
  • We have our mat time/book area, where books are available with a mini couch for the children to take some time out for quiet if needed, to explore early literacy; at mat times this turns into a story telling, dance, movement, interactive time to encourage the children to explore the movement of their bodies, listening to the beat of music, also to explore the sound of their voices, encouraging them to join in and sing.  The other aspect of this is to encourage the children to be able to focus and maintain concentration for this period of time, encouraging listening skills and also being able to follow instructions
  • We have a science/discovery area, where available on this table are differing provocations to encourage the children to explore which incorporates science and discovery, encouraging the children to actively engage and explore the different aspects of science and nature.
  • We have our well equipped art area; available to the children is a vast array of art media; felts, crayons, chalk, charcoal, pastels, paper, scissors, glue, collage materials, white boards, chalk boards etc.  This is where our art activities are held; we provide differing varieties of art activities from painting to clay work which allow the children to explore their creative side, encouraging them to use imagination and put their ideas onto paper.
  • We also encourage self help skills; we provide cups and water jugs where the children can help themselves to a cup of water; after rest time children are encouraged to dress themselves (so if your child has come home with pants on backwards this is why J); we do help them of course if it is needed; however this is instilling within the children a sense of achievement and giving them the confidence that they can do it J We have a shoe shelf which is kept on the deck; if the children have chosen to play inside they place their shoes on this shelf and are encouraged to take these off and on themselves (again with help if needed J)
  • Our outside area which is shared by Keas and Pukekos provides ample opportunity to run, jump, climb etc; for the children to explore and to extend on their gross motor skills, allowing movement of their bodies, to test their abilities and to improve their confidence.  The monkey bars are the most popular, these allow the children to extend on their strength in holding their own body weight, gain and gain confidence in being up a little higher; the same goes for our fireman’s pole!!  A range of activities are set up every day; to allow the children to explore and investigate, to extend on their learning, to gain important social and communication skills, and to gain the ability to be able to problem solve, become active participants in their own learning and also the most important is to for them to gain the ability to deal with conflict and become confident, competent, learners.

At the preschool : 4 year olds

The Pukeko room is our 4 year old room; this is a cosy little room that has undertaken a few changes to create a warm, inviting area that incorporates a little more of a classroom feel.  This room is open, with two three main tables, that are set up with inviting activities that encouraged the children to investigate, explore and learn.  Surrounding the tables are shelves with an ample variety of activities that are within reach of the children for them to able to choose from.  There is a writing desk that provides magnetic letters, pencils, paper, which encourages the provocation of early literacy and letter recognition and formation.  We have an art shelf, with a vast array of differing art media; similar to the Kea room – again a differing variety of art activities are also provided daily by the inside teacher.  A block area is also provided, as well as books, cushions etc.  This room encourages the children to make their own choices, giving them freedom of play, to help engage them into taking charge of their own learning (with the support of the teacher, who is there to help extend on this).


"The staff at Bright Eyes care not only for my children's well being but also take a genuine interest in their development and education."

Israela McFadyen

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