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Learning Opportunities Provided at the Infant & Toddler Centre

We have many different learning opportunities which are available to our children daily
  • Sandpit for sensory play, helping children with their motor skills through digging, lifting, shovelling, moulding.
  • Reading area for children to experience group learning, building relationship through communication, taking care of books and enjoying the atmosphere.
  • Water play helps them understand the mathematical concept of life and differentiate from wet and dry, cold and warm, liquids from solids.
  • Climbing frames helps children build self confidence, self esteem and their co ordination.
  •  Painting allows children to be creative, inventive and expressive. 
  • Inside the children have lots of pretend play in the kitchen area and dress up corner. Their communication skills improve as they communicate during their play. Their imaginative skills sharpen and role playing becomes the core of their play. Tables are set up with challenging activities to cater for individual skills.
  • All cultural groups are represented around the centre to ensure the children feel they belong and to understand other cultures.
  • Our writing corner helps children with their fine motor skills and become aware of how writing occurs.
Lots of sensory play is encouraged through clay moulding, slime and gloop and it also helps children to have a better understanding of different materials of play.


"The staff at Bright Eyes care not only for my children's well being but also take a genuine interest in their development and education."

Israela McFadyen

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